Rules for scholarships from Helleday Foundation

– The scholarships are awarded to researchers to do independent research along the project description in the application and that fall within the Foundation’s overall purposes.
– The researcher needs to be affiliated with an academic research institution to be eligible to apply.
– Research Scholarships are intended for postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their career, i.e. a maximum of 7 years from the PhD defense, and is meant to strengthen their ability to become independent research group leader.
– The grant period is a maximum of 2 years.
– A scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship or employment. If a grantee receives a scholarship or employment the fellow is obligated to immediately notify the Foundation.
– After completing the scholarship the applicant is expected to submit report on how the grant was used.
– Discoveries and intellectual property rights that may arise in the research are owned by the researcher under the conditions that apply at the local institution.
– The academic institution hosting the researcher is fully responsible for that the research is carried out in accordance with the ethical and other regulations that exist at the institute.


There are no fixed dates for fellowship application. Only applications falling within the strict purpose and strategy of the foundation can be funded. Applications should be submitted to